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Snoring has become major problem for many people all around the world, but unfortunately few of them know what are the reasons of their problem and which snoring remedies could be used to stop snoring.


Snoring is the result of the irregular airflow during breathing while sleeping. The soft tissues on the breathing ways start vibrating due to the force produced by the air when you breathe while sleeping. You may ask, why while sleeping ? In fact when you are awake, the muscles of your neck control those soft tissues and prevent them from sliding down to the breathing airways, but when you are asleep, those muscles loosen and they are no more in control of those soft tissues, which partly block breathing passages and start vibrating while breathing producing snoring noise. The causes of breathing passageway blockage may be one of the following:

  • Weakness of throat that leads to the closure of throat during sleep
  • Jaws, that are mispositioned – the reason of which may be the tension in the muscles.
  • Gathered fat in and around the throat area
  • Nassal airway blockage
  • Vibrations caused by the tissues that touch each other at the top of the air passageway
  • Alcohol or drugs that weaken throat muscles
  • Tongue dropped to the back of the mouth while sleeping, which may be the result of lying on one’s back.

If you are a snorer you may easily recognize that you experience one of these problems and it definitely is the reason of your snoring.


However Snoringremediescenter.com has the answer on the main question ! Here you can choose among various snoring remedies, which fits you and which will cure your snoring at last! Our recommendations and advices will give you possibility to enjoy full night rest.


The first step on the way of choosing the appropriate snoring remedies  for you is to find out what kind of snorer are you.


Your snoring may be one the following types:

  • Socially Incorrect – You can get rid of this kind of snoring by using some cheap snoring remedies which can be found on snoringremediescenter.com shop.
  • The problem comes from nose – This is another type of snoring which can be cured easily. snoringremediescenter.com shop offers various cheap snoring remedies for it.
  • NOT-SOS, BUT Snoring – If your snoring is this type of snoring you need more serious treatment. Your condition is called Obstructive Sleep Apnea by doctors. You will find a lot of information about the remedies of this kind of snoring on Snoringremediescenter.com
  • SOS Snoring – Well if you appear to be a snorer of this category you will have to see your doctor as soon as possible ! Your snoring may be just an audible sign of a sleep disorder which is serious threat for life.

To find out what kind of snorer are you simply take Snoringremediescenter.com interactive questionnaire. It’s free and takes just 2 minutes. When you find out what type of snoring is your snoring, you can see which snoring remedies are most likely to work for you and cure your snoring.

Snoring Remedies For Socially Incorrect Snoring:

For your bed partner:
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Snoring Remedies For The Problem Comes From Nose Snoring:

For your bed partner:
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Snoring Remedies For NOT-SOS, BUT Snoring:

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Reccomendations for SOS Snoring:

  • Visit a sleep specialist referred by your doctor.
  • A Polysomnogram (sleep study) can help you in identifying any kind of sleep disorder.
  • Your insurance may not cover a sleep study. In this case ask your physician to advise you some inexpensive devices which will screen your sleep disorder.
  • CPAP Machines and Sleep Apnea Dental Appliance may also help
  • And finally if none of the methods help Snoring Surgery can always be applied.

For your bed partner:
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This article is an extension of our previous article “7 Simple Tips To Substitute Snoring Remedies.” In this article I want to show 11 easy snoring remedies to stop snoring !


Before I start talking about free snoring remedies, I would like to explain what are the advantages of trying out these tips, before deciding to buy snoring remedies. First of all I would like to declare that these tips can work for you if and only if you are a Socially Incorrect Snorer (for more information about Socially Incorrect Snoring go to our home page – Snoring Remedies). In about half of the cases some or at least one of these tips appear to be useful in dealing with snoring. The most significant advantage of these tips is that they are free. You do not have to pay anything for trying them out and they do not involve purchasing any kind of devices or remedies. The second advantage is that all these tips have been tried and tested numerous times. They have already proved to be useful ! So here are they:


Develop Body-Rhythm


You may have already heard people talking about body-clock, or body rhythm. In this way they express their daily routine. In fact your body has its own biological clock which has been developing since your very childhood. If you used to go to sleep at 22:00 and wake up at 6:00, it means that your body is accustomed to this routine. In quite a number of cases irregular sleep regime has appeared to be the cause of snoring. When you regularly sleep less than 8 hours, or go to sleep at different times each day and wake up at different times, your body is unable to get enough rest. This results in the over-relaxtion of your body’s muscles and your breathing airways get obstructed by the soft tissues of your throat. Try to develop habitual sleeping regime. At first it may be difficult to go to sleep and to wake up at the same times each day, but after a while you will get accustomed to it and your body’s muscles will never get over-relaxed. So that your breathing airways will be free of obstructions. Besides, following scheduled pattern of sleep can improve the quality of your sleep a great deal. So you will experience less daytime sleepiness and fatigue.


Stop Smoking – Stop Snoring


Giving up smoking can help to stop snoring. Cigarettes contain chemicals that make the tissues of your throat dry. Because of it they provide obstructions on the breathing air passages when you sleep and the muscles of your body ar loosened. The vibration of these tissues produces the snoring noise. So giving up snoring can be a good alternative of snoring remedies.


Avoid Nightcap


Avoid taking alcohol 2-3 hours before bedtime. Most of the people used to taking nightcap are usually snorers. Alcohol acts just like a depressant – it relaxes your body. It means that your muscles get loosened. When our muscles are excessively loosened, the soft tissues of your throat get excessively loosened as well. Finally this leads to obstructions on the breathing passages. Your soft tissues start vibrating when you breath and snoring sound is produced. Not taking alcohol 2-3 hours before bedtime can be a wonderful alternative of snoring remedies.


Loose Weight


This is becoming a problem for more and more people all around the world. Beside many other negative effects on health, extra weight has, it also is the most wide-spread cause of snoring. The reason for this is quite clear. When a person is gaining weight the fat is being gathered in the throat area as well. This means that your breathing airways get extra blockages. These blockages result in snoring.


Change the Position of Your Pillow


In some cases incorrect positioning of the pillow appeared to be the cause of snoring. In such cases my advise is to lift your pillow up a bit. It can help. If the pillow is positioned incorrectly, your body neck and head will be far away from being aligned on one line and the breathing air passages will be narrowed. By lifting up your pillow you can get your body, neck and head aligned on one line, make your breathing air passages wider. This easy snoring solution has appeared a nice alternative of snoring remedies to a considerable number of my patients.


Change the Position of Sleep


Try to sleep on your side. Sleeping on back encourages people to sleep with their mouths open. This makes the soft tissues of your throat dry, which results in obstructions on the breathing airways. By sleeping on your side, the soft tissues of your throat have more chance of not becoming dry.


Change Sleeping Environment


Your snoring may be caused because of any component of your sleeping environment. As in such cases it is very hard to determine which component exactly is the real cause of snoring, my advise is just to try out some changes. You can start using vacuum cleaner daily, or change the type of pillows. In a word, try to keep your bedroom as tidy and calm as you can afford.


Take a Walk


Try to take a light 10-15 walk before bedtime. This can refresh your body and relax your muscles so that they will not get over-relaxed when you go to sleep. Taking a walk before bedtime is good not only for dealing with snoring, but can also help in the prevention of various other diseases.


Less Dairy Products


Products such sour cream, cheese, milk, ice cream etc. can build up extra mucus in your breathing air passages. Mucus turns into obstruction on the breathing air ways causing snoring as you consume more and more dairy products. Consuming less dairy products can be a good alternative of using snoring remedies.


No meals within 1 to 2 hours before bedtime


Eating a meal just before bedtime can be the cause of snoring. If it is the cause of your snoring a good alternative of snoring remedies can be avoiding eating meals within 1 to 2 hours before bedtime. Food you have taken needs to be digested, so your body needs considerable time after you have eaten. Food which has not been digested provides pressure on your diaphragm. This leads to extensive pressure on the breathing airways and results in making them narrow, that causes snoring.


Throat Exercises


We have already dedicated an article to this wonderful substitution of snoring remedies earlier, however we wanted to emphasise this wonderful snoring solution once again. More and more people does the throat exercises that are done normally by professional singers and more and more people considers that this can be the best of the available snoring solutions.


In the end I want to declare again that these free, easy snoring remedies are more likely to appear your snoring solutions if and if only our unique “What Kind Of Snorer Am I” questionnaire has determined that you are socially incorrect snorer. However even in this case you can not be 100% sure that these tips will be a snoring solution for you. But if you think that one, or several of these easy snoring remedies can be a snoring cure for you, then there is every likelihood that it(they) will be ! That is why we suggest overlooking these tips once again and only after that making decision whether you will try out these tips or go to purchase more effective and more tried and tested snoring remedies to deal your with snoring.