About Us

Who We Are

    Snoring Remedies Center™ is a web resource that was created as a result of collaboration of the leading sleep disorders’ specialists from different countries.


Our Mission – What We Do

    It is roughly approximated that about one third of the world’s population snores at some level while sleeping. The mission we set from the very beginning was to create a free web-resource that would provide thorough information about snoring remedies, cures and solutions. We wanted Snoring Remedies Center™ to become the ultimate guide to stop snoring as it would be able to help people understand why do they snore, what is the type of their snoring, what causes their snoring as these are the key factors to choosing the right snoring remedies, cures and solutions finally to stop snoring.


How We Do It

    For this very reason we collectively elaborated the Personal Stop Snoring Plan Maker® system. This system consists of the interactive questionnaire, created by us based on different scientific researches that can identify the type of your snoring based on your answers, and textual information that lets you identify the cause of your snoring and get the right snoring remedies for you.


How Effectively We Do It

    We had been testing the Personal Stop Snoring Plan Maker® system offline offering to our patients to use it free. After 6 months of testing the system we designed appeared to be working with 93% effectiveness. This means that 186 of 200 patients who used this system managed to stop snoring within 2 months time without any additional information or consultation with sleep disorders’ specialists.


Only after this successful testing we decided to launch our website.


SnoringRemediesCenter.Com: Stop Snoring Cures and Solutions -Your Ultimate Guide to Stop Snoring!

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