CPAP Machines

CPAP machines, snoring remedies, CPAP machine, snoring cures snoring solutionsFirst of all we should define what does CPAP stand for: Continuous Positive Air Pressure.


If you are reading this page, this definitely means that our unique questionnaire has determined your snoring type either as Not Sos, But Snoring, or SOS Snoring. In this case CPAP machines may appear to be the most effective snoring remedies available on market.


As you may already know, snoring is the result of the obstructed air passageways, that cause the soft tissues of your nose and throat to vibrate. But your snoring may easily be just an audible sign of obstructive sleep apnea. The most wide-spread symptom of sleep apnea is that there are several periods while sleeping when you can not breathe at all. That is why sleep apnea is so dangerous – it damages cardiovascular system. Medical researches show that about 20% of snorers experience obstructive sleep apnea. Those who suffer from obstrucive sleep apnea are often prescribed machines that deliver continuous positive airway pressure. This pressure inflates the throat and helps you keep your air passageways open. CPAP device not only corrects your apnea and eliminates all the threats to your life caused by this disease, it completely eliminates your snoring as well – it is the most effective among all the snoring remedies.


CPAP device is a combination of an air blower machine, which should be placed next to your bed and which generates humidified air that prevents the irritation of air passageways, face mask, which comes in various designs allowing you to choose the right one that fits your needs and a hose that connects the mask to the blower machine.


You put on the CPAP mask before going to bed. The mask comes with soft prongs which should be inserted into the nose. The air which is generated by the blower machine passes the hose and gently flows into your air passageways throuth those prongs inserted into your nose. This air pressure should be adjusted so that it is just enough to prevent your air passageways from collapsing during sleep. So steady air supply finally eliminates your sleep apnea and snoring.




CPAP machines have some negative aspects as well. First of all it should be mentioned that about 5-10% of CPAP consumers found these machines unbearably claustrophobic, however as stated above you have possibility to choose face masks from wide range of choice. Besides most of the people who treat their sleep apnea with CPAP therapy do not know that they can use a CPAP Chin Strap, which is much more comfortable, than any of the CPAP masks. Undoubtedly CPAP device is not compatible with spontaneous romance in the night. Most common problem associated with CPAP usage was noise produced by blower machine, but fortunately modern CPAP machines produce almost no sound at all. Also CPAP machines are considered to be necessary to wear during whole your life, because sleep apnea will strike back as soon as you stop using this anti snoring device. However when compared with more expensive and more risky means of curing sleep apnea like surgery, which shows fairly low rate of long-term success – CPAP may appear to be the most effective choice. Besides you can see on ebay and amazon how many previous owners sell CPAP machines, because they have found a final cure for their sleep apnea and snoring. CPAP is the most effective of sleep apnea and snoring remedies and one thing is certain: Obstructive Sleep Apnea can not be ignored. Over time it can kill you.


Here is the list of CPAP machines suggested by us: