Make Your Personal Stop Snoring Plan

Follow these steps to make your Personal Stop Snoring Plan® via Snoring Remedies Center’s™ system:

  1. Take our unique Questionnaire (click here) that can determine what is the type of your snoring. The questionnaire contains 18 multiple choice questions. After you select your answer for all the questions and click “submit,” our system will determine what is the type of your snoring.


  3. Go to our home page and see which snoring remedies categories (for example: snoring nasal strips, snoring throat sprays, snoring nasal sprays etc.) are suggested for your particular type of snoring.


  5. Learn about possible causes of snoring (click here) and identify the cause of your snoring among them.


  7. After that follow the suggestion given for your particular cause of snoring. Follow the link of the snoring remedy category that is advised for it and carefully read the description.


  9. Just at the end of the description you will see the list of suggested snoring remedies for you. Follow each of them and compare them using the information provided.


  11. After the comparison nothing is left but to finally stop your snoring! You can purchase the snoring remedy that is the right cure for your snoring!

Personal Stop Snoring Plan, Stop Snoring Questionnaire

*Remember* The key factor in snoring treatment is identifying its cause. If you manage to identify the cause of your snoring correctly, you can easily get rid of it. The uniqueness of Snoring Remedies Center’s™ Personal Stop Snoring  Plan® system is that it is the only online system that has proved to be determining the causes of snoring with more than 90% effectiveness!

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