stop snoring remedies - sleep apnea throat exercisesAmerican scientists have been working for about a year and a half to develop the system of throat exercises to treat Sleep Apnea, which is a life-threatening disease. The most wide-spread symptoms of sleep apnea is heavy snoring and sudden closure of the breathing ways for 10-15 seconds while sleeping, that can easily lead to serious cardiac problems.


The most common treatment for sleep apnea is a CPAP machine. These machines create continuous positive airway pressure, which ensures the breathing airways to be open all the time – so sleep apnea is neutralized and stop snoring effect is also achieved without using any kind of additional snoring remedies. However CPAP machines are quite expensive and for about 30% of consumers CPAP masks have appeared to be unbearably claustrophobic.


That is why scientists began working on an alternative to CPAP machines. The main point of throat exercise system is that patient starts building up throat muscles that prevent air passageways from collapsing. So the severity of sleep apnea is decreased and patient can stop snoring at all as well. So the throat exercise system training may well be an alternative to stop snoring remedies as well.


The first scientific study about such throat exercise system was published six months ago in The American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. Scientists made two groups of people who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. One of them passed the throat exercises training system. Some of the exercieses involved in the training system are: placing the tip of the tongue against the front of the palate and sliding it back, chewing motions and swallowing, producing vowels continously and quickly.


After 2-3 months the members of the group which passed the throat exercises training system managed to reduce the severity of sleep apnea by 45-50%. They slept better and managed to stop snoring completely without using any kind of snoring remedies. The members of another group had no improvements at all.


Although one research is not enough to prove the effectiveness of the throat exercises system, it still gives some hope that sleep apnea can be cured without CPAP therapy. This exercise system may also be a wonderful alternative to snoring remedies, as everybody who passed the throat exercise training managed to stop snoring.



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  1. The main cause of your snoring may easily be too much body weight. In most cases people find it difficult to recognize that too much body weight results in too much soft tissues in the back of the throat, which start vibrating when you sleep producing snoring sound. Loosing weight is our first advice.

  3. You can find your snoring solution in changing the position you use to take when you sleep. You should try out various sleeping positions until you come to the one that most effectively stops your snoring. We advise starting by lying on the side.

  5. Smoking can easily be standing behind your snoring. Chemicals that are in cigarettes can irritate your soft palate and uvula so that when you sleep, your air passages may appear to be obstructed resulting in snoring. Giving up smoking is our third advice.

  7. Alcohol may be another cause of snoring. Especially if you usually take it before going to bed. Alcohol makes your muscles loosened, so that the tissues of your throat may start vibrating when you sleep. Trying not to take alcohol at least an hour before going to sleep is our fourth advice.

  9. Another thing that may cause snoring is eating right before your bedtime. In this case the food is just in your stomach not fully digested. Your diaphragm may be under the pressure because of this, so that you start snroing. Not eating just before bedtime may easily be your snoring cure.

  11. Surprisingly milk can also cause snoring as it causes a build up of mucous in the body. Your throat and nasal passages may become lodged so that you start snoring. If you are a milklover try drinking less milk.

  13. And our seventh advice is to eat honey. Several researches were conducted to observe how does taking honey affect snoring and the results have always been positive so far. Honey can easily become the real substitute to many snoring remedies.