Pillar System

Snoring Remedies - Pillar SystemPalate probably is the most important factor when we deal with snoring. While sleeping your soft palate blocks air passageways and begins to vibrate, producing snoring sound. This happens because your soft palate is not firm. Snoring pillar system is one of the best snoring remedies when the reason of snoring is the soft palate.


The pillar procedure in fact is a surgery, but it is minimally invasive and therefore we can consider it as one of the most effective ways of getting rid of snoring. Pillar procedure consists of inserting tiny woven implants into the tissues of soft palate using single use delivery tools which are specially designed to make the procedure faster and easier. The insertion of pillar system normally is done under natural anaesthetic and it does not require the tissues of your soft palate to be removed. The implants itself are made of polyester, which is the most common material for implants nowadays. Each pillar implants have the diameter of approximately 2mm and are about 18mm in length. I mentioned that snoring pillar procedure is minimally invasive and that is true ! Most of the people who decide to use snoring pillar system do not need to delay any regular daily activities or eat different items even on the day of the procedure. The implants become invisible and can not be felt after it has been inserted in the soft palate. They also have no interference on speech or swallowing.


Snoring pillar system creates structural support for your soft palate by making it firmer. This prevents it from vibrating and therefore decreases the unwanted snoring noises. About 80% of people who have undergone the pillar procedure had their snoring significantly reduced in 4 to 6 weeks. Once the implants are inserted, the stiffening effect provided by them lasts for good. This makes snoring pillar system one of the best and most widely applied snoring remedies available on market.

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