Portable CPAP Machine Everest 2

We can say that Everest 2 CPAP machine is the best CPAP machine ever. This device stands on completely new level of convenience and functionality. 4-20 cm H2O pressure level is boasted by Everst 2. This CPAP machine also boasts a controllable ramp time giving its consumer possibility to adjust it themselves. Airflow and oxygen delivery is maximized by the built-in Leak Compensator. But what distinguishes Everest 2 CPAP machine from all the other CPAP machines is that it is PORTABLE. Now those who are in need of CPAP machine help can easily go on the road or overseas with Everest 2 CPAP machine, which features international power supply and automatic altitude adjustment. But that is not all that makes Everest 2 CPAP machine the king of CPAP machines. This wonderful device is optimally integrated with both a battery, which makes Everest 2 the most convenient and portable CPAP machine ever and a heated humidifier. What is more the most portable Everest 2 CPAP machine is just 2.1 lbs, which is 0.9 kg and even when you use it with its battery it is less than 5 lbs, which is 2.2 kg. This means that you can easily take it wherever and whenever you want, whether you go boating, hiking, driving … EVERYWHERE !


Everest 2 has integrated a 6’-22 mm power supply hose and power cord, 2 pack air filters, travel bag and MANUAL HUMIDIFICATION – one more thing that makes Everest 2 CPAP machine the best of the CPAP machines. Humidifier can be used by just pressing the humidifier button on the CPAP machin and adjust it to your needs. Everst 2 humidifier does not need any kind of external power supply. Everest 2 also has an optional battery, which provides uninterrupted oxygen delivery even when the power goes off. From one charge of battery you can get 11 hours of Everest 2 CPAP machine working.


You can purchase this amazing CPAP machine for just 594.22$


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