snoreplasty injection, snoreplasty treatment, snoring solution snoreplastyThe reason of your snoring probably is your loosened soft palate, that blocks the air passageway and vibrates when you breathe while sleeping. As you are socially incorrect snorer, we suggest that stiffening your soft palate can solve all your snoring problems.
From really wide range of snoring remedies injection snoreplasty is probably the most effective. At Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington D.C 270 patients were involved in the medical research and 92 % reported that they had their snoring completely or almost completely eliminated.


During snoreplasty procedure your doctor injects a substance, which is a sclerosing agent, that has a scarring effect on your soft palate and makes it stiffen. On the web you may find a lot of web-sites describing snoreplasty as a “NEW” snoring cure, but in fact it is not true. The substance that is injected in the soft palate is sodium tetradecyl sulfate, which is being used to treat varicose since the beginning of the 20th century. The procedure needs not more than five minutes and can be easily done in the office of your doctor. Some of the patients tell us that snoreplasty appeared to be a lot more painful than they had expected, but that is not to happen with you if some light anesthesia will be applied inside your mouth.


It approximately needs 3-4 weeks to see the results of the snoreplasty procedure. That is why we consider it as one of the most effective snoring remedies. For most of the patients one injection is enough to achieve the desired effect, however there have been rare cases when two or three injections where needed. Usually people who pass snoreplasty do not need any pain reliever medicine after the procedure as they feel just mild discomfort in the throat only for 2-3 days after the procedure.


Snoreplasty is also one of the cheapest snoring remedies available. Laser procedurs and such high tech treatments are about four-five times as expensive as snoreplasty procedure.

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