Snoring Causes: Alcohol and Sleeping Pills

Snoring RemediesYour snoring may well be caused by alcohol or sleeping pills. Those two have the same effect on the body. Alcohol acts as a depressant. It causes the muscles of your body to relax more than normal. That means that it is more likely the soft tissues of your breathing passages to collapse and obstruct the normal airflow, start vibrating that produce snoring noise. Sleeping pills may have just the same effect. If the medication has sedating effect there is every likelihood that it will have the same undesirable relaxing effect on the muscles.


*Remember: You should not stop taking the prescribed pills without the consent of your doctor.


In individuals whose muscle tone while sleeping was weak enough, even without taking alcohol, to cause snoring, taking alcohol may cause obstructive sleep apnea. That is more serious medical condition than just normal snoring. In the cases of sleep apnea a person may be woken up by being unable to breath for 5-15 seconds.


If you have been told by our questionnaire that your snoring type is “personally incorrect snoring,” and you identify alcohol, or sleeping pills as the primary cause of your snoring, click here to get your Snoring Cure.

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