Snoring Causes: Mouth Breather

snoring remedies

It may sound a bit strange for you at first but some of the people are naturally ‘mouth breathers’. Mouth breathers tend to sleep with their mouth open. This makes them more likely to start snoring.


Normally when you breath through your nose, it is the curved part of your upper palate that is passed over by the air. The air flows gently into your throat and does not create unwilling turbulence.


However, when you breath with your mouth open, the air directly hits the back of the throat. It dries out your throat and soft tissues of your upper palate and uvula start vibrating enormously.


If you were told by our questionnaire that your snoring type is “socially incorrect” snoring and you identified Sleeping With Your Mouth Open as the primary cause of your snoring, your snoring solution may be one of the following: Snoring Chin Strap – Can promote nasal breathing and diminish or eliminate mouth breathing; Snoring Throat Spray – Can protect your throat from drying out and therefore can reduce the strength of vibrations of the soft tissues of your throat.

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