Snoring Causes: Sleeping Position

Snoring Remedies

The quality of sleep largely depends on the position of body during sleeping. Incorrect body position may result not only in insufficient night rest, but in snoring as well. It is statistically proved that individuals who sleep on their back are more likely to develop sleep apnea than those who sleep on their side. One study showed that obstructive sleep apnea patients who slept on their back had twice as many apneas than those who slep on their side. The same applies to snoring: people who tend to sleep on their back snore more severely than those who sleep on their side.


It is considered that gravity has to be blamed for this problem. In fact gravity really has negative effect on the upper airway. When you sleep on your back your tongue and soft palate may fall back into the throat due to gravitational forces. As a result you get narrowed air passages and you become more likely to have your airways obstructed that may cause number of breathing abnormalities. When you sleep on your side your body position guarantees more stability for yout airways and makes it less likely to collapse.


Clinical evidence shows that sleep position has considerable impact on snoring and other sleep disorders. However it is really difficult to prevent yourself sleeping on your back if you are accustomed to sleep in this manner.


If you were told by our questionnaire that your snoring type is “socially incorrect” snoring and you identified sleeping position as the primary cause of your snoring, your snoring solution may be on of the following: Anti Snoring Pillow – Can Help You Sleep On Your Side; Snoring Mouthpiece – Prevents Your Tongue From Falling Back Into Your Throat And Widens Your Air Passages

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