Snoring Causes: Smoking

Snoring Remedies

Cigarette smoke may be the cause of your snoring. The smoke irritates the tissues of your throat and nasal passages. This irritation causes catarrh and swelling. This makes your breathing passages congested. This means that there is left narrower passage for air inhalation and it becomes more likely you to start snoring, because on each inhalation the soft tissues of your breathing airways that partly obstruct breathing air passages start vibrating. Thus the likelihood of snoring increases on each additional smoked cigarette as your throat and nasal soft tissues get more and more irritated and create more and more obstructions on the breathing airways.


Even passive smoking can cause snoring. This is the reason why children whose parents smoke are more likely to start snoring than those whose parents do not smoke.


If you were told by our questionnaire that your snoring type is “socially incorrect” snoring and you identified smoking as the primary cause of your snoring, your snoring solution may be one of the following: Snoring Throat Spray – can cure the irritation of throat tissues; Snoring Nasal Spray – can cure the congestion of nasal passages; Snoring Nasal Strips – Can be used to widen nasal air passages.

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