Ysnore Snoring Nasal Spray

There are various manifacturers of snoring nasal sprays, but as you may have already noticed we trust only three of them and “Ysnore” snoring nasal spray is one of them and we suggest it to you. Ysnore snoring nasal spray and drops are made using ginger root, which has been used as a botanical for its excellent anti-inflammatory properties. Ysnore even managed to appear in the Guiness Book Of World Records’ as the loudest snorer in the world – Mel Switzer managed to get quiet, full night rest only by using Ysnore nasal spray. Ysnore nasal sprays and drops are approved by FDA. Various researches show that their effectiveness vary from 90% to 95%. You can purchase single 20ml Ysnore snoring nasal spray for 7.95$.



You can also purchase either single 10ml Ysnore snoring nasal spray for 7.95$, or double pack 10ml Ysnore snoring nasal spray for 11.70$, which is 5.85$/per pack.




You can also buy 5ml Ysnore snoring nasal drops for 4.84$.



Consumers’ Opinion:


R.E Houser: I am a severe snorer and I have been using Ysnore snoring nasal spray for more than 3 months now and it seems to be working for me quite well. When my wife measured, it appeared that each spray of Ysnore snoring nasal spray gives me 7 hours of snoreless sleep as I take it at about 11:00 PM and do not start snoring until 6:00 AM. The only thing I do not like about this product is that it burns my nose and throat for about 5-10 seconds after spraying.

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